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Recycle at the Hub

Every Saturday morning 10.00-12.00

(Check Marnhull Village Facebook page for possible closures)

Our friends at Marnhull Green Teams run a village recycling scheme with TerraCycle for a wide range of packaging etc.. The recycling bins are located at the rear of the village hall and are available when the Hub is open. Recycle your waste and pop in for a coffee. Things that can be recycled at the Hub:

         Bread bags                               Beauty product packaging 

        Cheese wrappers                       Toothbrushes & toothpaste tubes

        Crisp packets                            Laundry & dishwasher packaging

        Sweet packets                           Pens of all sorts

        Pringles tubes                            Printer ink cartridges

        Coffee bags                             Disposable razors

        Cake & biscuit wrappers             Medicine blister packs

        Milk bottle tops

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